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new aerochute electric

Aerochute Electric is Here

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Aerochute Industries has been working on electrifying it’s aircraft over the years and has now achieved a successful maiden flight in early 2018. The Aerochute-E model is a single seat aircraft with a payload of up to 90kg. It’s first flight achieved a flight time of 30 mins. As battery technology develops with higher energy density the aim is to fly for 1 hour. We are very pleased with this development as it is the first of it’s type to fly in Australia with an electric motor.

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Tim picks up his New hummerchute

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Tim has been flying for a few months and flew his new Hummerchute in July for the first time.

Learning to fly an Aerochute has been one of the most exhilarating things I have experienced.

The trainers make you feel very comfortable and confident in yourself. If you had of asked me

three months ago that I would be flying solo I would have never believed you!!!

Tim Hunt.

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CASA- Service Upgrades to Hummerchute

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Dear HummerChute owners,

The Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) has finalised the approval documents and issued a type-certificate to signify the airworthiness of the HummerChute.

CASA has issued service bulletins for all the HummerChutes with frame No. between 376-463. These aircraft are required to perform the upgrades in order to comply with the type certificate.

The service bulletins, which can be downloaded :

Once completed, please fill in and sign the compliance form, on the last page of the service bulletin, and send it back to Aerochute Industries.

If you have any questions please contact us on 03 93542612.


Stephen Conte

Aerochute Industries CEO

Cover for Aerochute International
Aerochute International

Aerochute International

The Aerochute Dual is a simple and safe way to fly.
Aerochute Int. will take you flying where you can really experience it. See the sunrise, feel the wind and take the controls for is amazing!

Picking up another upgrade! For 11 years Graham Windsor has been enjoying his Aerochute 503 on his 65 Acre Farm. Taking family and friends for flights and feels nothing like being able to walk out the front door and taking off to the skies on his property. He sees this as the craft to retire with seeing him long into the future. ... See MoreSee Less
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Once flying, Always Flying! Mick and Neil doing their bi-annual flight review, coming down from NSW country Towns of Cobar and Orange. Couldn't have had better flying conditions experiencing Melbourne's warm sunny skies. ... See MoreSee Less
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Rick Lyons has loved his Aerochute 503 as much as his mates who fly with him. When they realised they were all "out-growing" the previous model it was time for an upgrade. Now Rick is back in the sky flying with "more" of his mates on the new HUMMERCHUTE 582 MODEL. Many stable flying years ahead! ... See MoreSee Less
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Jennifer and Christina's Trial Introduction Flight. A Morning to remember for these happy flyers. ... See MoreSee Less
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Look at those grins! Friends Christina and Jennifer having a morning to remember with their trial introduction flight! So Much joy and fun on their faces and extremely gracious flyers thanking instructor Steve for his time. We love having you girls out and look forward to seeing you again soon!😊 ... See MoreSee Less
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