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The best start to the day and the greatest experience. Definitely will be back with the rest of the family


( Trial Introduction Flight )

Just wanted to say thank you and that we are so appreciative of the time and effort you had put in today to give us such a memorable experience. We still have a huge grin on our face and reminiscing the morning we had! Truly an amazing experience and your wealth of knowledge and welcoming vibes had made the experience a 10/10! Thank you thank you!

Jennifer & Christina

( Trial Introduction Flyers )

A fantastic Christmas present! Thanks for a brilliant experience!

Alex & Isabelle

( Christmas Gift Flyers )

Must do Experience, one of the best I have had in my Life. Coming back 100%, Thanks Stephen


( 1st Time Flyer- Trial Introduction Flight )

Great experience. I will definitely be coming back again. Thank you so much!!

Emma & Brian

( 32nd Birthday Gift for Brian )

Best experience in my life yet! Totally Recommend!!! On my way to get my license now! Thanks Stephen for the Experience


( Discovering powered parachuting for the first time )

The most amazing experience! We got to see the Kangaroos and Eagles, ..and got to take the controls. Thank you so much! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Huda & Taimoor

( Birthday Experience )

A big Thank you to Stephen and John for an amazing experience to a start our Anniversary. The view from up there was unbelievable and serene...Can't thank you guys enough for this awesome experience.

Shanthi & Kartik

( 13th Wedding Anniversary Experience )

Amazing experience! Great introduction to Aerochute and Stephen was Fantastic!!! Hope to try again very soon!

Joyce Tan

( Trial Introduction Flight )

Thanks Stephen for such an amazing experience! We will definitely be back to see more of the great views and kangaroos

Jess and Andy

( Trial Introduction Flight )

Was an awesome flight. Seeing wildlife from that view, nice and close, definitely going to learn to fly. Thanks heapsūüėä

Shanan B

( Trial Introduction Flight )

"I‚Äôve had a flight today.. ‚ÄúGREAT EXPERIENCE‚ÄĚ Very professional instructor (Stephen) clear instructions during the flight and a lot of trust from the instructor. I‚Äôve handed the flight myself including landing, touch and go. Great! Highly Recommended

student picture

The Flight Group

( Team building event )

‚ÄúWoweee! Thank you so much! What an experience! Flying penguin‚Ķ that just happened. Yeww!‚ÄĚ

Olivia Phyland

( Host, ABC TV 'Studio 3' )

"Excellent rush and a great present idea, well recommended for future events"


( 1st time flyer )

What a fabulous experience. Totally exhilarating. Excellent instruction from the pilot and very friendly. Really enjoyed my first aerochute flight- so many sheep and kangaroos! so cool having a turn at flying. Thanks Steve- Thanks very much Aerochute


( First time Flyer )

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