Hummerchute MZ202

Hummerchute MZ202 (2023)

The Hummerchute MZ 202 is part of the latest lineup to the Hummerchute range which now employs a Fiate MZ202 engine instead of its predecessors 582 Rotax Model. This setup provides similar levels of performance whilst allowing a more time flexible maintenance schedule with starter motor and clutch gearbox as standard, making it easier and more affordable to own and operate.

The Hummerchute line provides  increased lifting performance, whilst keeping all the safety and stability characteristics of the original design that has stood the test of time, with 28 years of safe, stable, easy to use enjoyable flying.

The main features of the HummerChute are a increased size and power. With a bigger engine, bigger head plate, bigger Prop and bigger seating capacity all translating into exceptional performance and climb rate and a bonus of being able to fly hands free using weight shifting techniques. (See below)  The HummerChute has an AUW (all up weight) of 360kg which gives 2 large adults the ability to fly  together with a climb rate of up to 1000ft in less than 3 minutes. The CoG (center of gravity) has been exhaustively tested and altered to accommodate the extra power and engine mounting points to ensure the same stability of the original Aerochute… with a lot more grunt!

When flying solo, the wider seat gives the pilot the ability to fly hands free by using weight shift movements.  You take off as normal then can let go of the hand controls.  Using the inherent stability of the Aerochute canopy design, flying hands free is easy, enjoyable and safe without the swimming effects associated with powered parachuting. With the seat belt still connected you can move from one side of the seat to the other and turn the HummerChute.  In fact you can complete accurate circuit patterns and line up on final all hands free, sitting comfortably in your lounge chair in the sky!