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Sports Pilot Feature #106 “The Aerochute Diaries”

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Check out the latest featured article on Aerochute in Sports Pilot Magazine #106. A series of  pilot stories detailing their experiences flying the Aerochute.

“Back in 2021, I was invited out to an unassuming paddock in Werribee to try my hand at a completely new way of flying. Jumping into an Aerochute for the first time was a thrilling experience, one that changed my perspective on what flying was all about.”

Sportpilot-Issue 106-Aerochute-Diaries

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A game-changing engine upgrade to Aerochute’s flagship model; The Fiate MZ202

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Prepare to be thrilled, aviation enthusiasts! Aerochute International, the prestigious manufacturer of recreational powered parachutes, has received official approval (Hummerchute-71-001 Issue 1) to install the remarkable Fiate MZ202 engine in its beloved Hummerchute model. This monumental development follows extensive testing and compliance measures, bringing a wave of excitement to the powered parachute community. With the discontinuation of the Rotax 582cc engine, the availability of the Fiate MZ202 as a commercial option signals a new era of power and performance.

The powerful, lightweight MZ 202 ultralight engine is the result of a union of space age materials, innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods. 

The Fiate MZ202: A Thrilling Powerhouse:
When it comes to reliability and performance, the Fiate MZ202 engine reigns supreme in the world of aviation. This fan air-cooled, reed valve-controlled 2-cylinder-inline-2-stroke engine boasts two carburetors and Nikasil coated cylinders. Sporting one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in the 63 HP engine market, the MZ202 delivers exhilarating performance. Its fully electronic ignition system ensures maximum reliability and minimal maintenance, while the powerful 180 Watt alternator provides ample power for all your needs. Weighing a mere 42 kilograms (92 pounds), including the electric starter, carburetors, fuel pump, cooling system, and exhaust system, the MZ202 sets new standards in lightweight construction.

Unleashing Enhanced Performance and Features:
With the integration of the Fiate MZ202 engine, the Hummerchute MZ202 now boasts a standard electric starter motor, ensuring hassle-free takeoffs. Surpassing its predecessor, the MZ202 matches the weight of the Rotax 582 without the starter motor. The engine’s compact design and lightweight construction contribute to its remarkable performance. Weighing in at approximately 42 kilograms (92 pounds), it stands as one of the lightest engines in its class. Yet, don’t let its size fool you; the MZ202 delivers an impressive power output of around 63 horsepower at 6200 RPM, guaranteeing an adrenaline-pumping experience for powered parachuting enthusiasts. Moreover, its fuel efficiency aligns seamlessly with the Hummerchute’s reputation for economical operation, prolonging flight durations and reducing operating costs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
The Fiate MZ202 engine offers an extended time between overhauls, with a recommended time between overhauls (TBO) of 500 hours on condition. This remarkable feature ensures a more economical lifetime service, reducing maintenance costs and allowing you to focus on what matters most—soaring through the skies with a broad smile on your face.

Aerochutes  Testament to Safety and Quality:
Aerochute International’s decision to replace the Rotax 582cc engine with the Fiate MZ202 engine was not made lightly. The company underwent extensive testing and compliance measures to ensure seamless integration and uncompromising safety. Rigorous evaluations of power output, fuel consumption, durability, and overall performance were conducted, meeting the highest standards set by the aviation industry. The successful completion of these tests paved the way for official approval and subsequent commercial availability, providing pilots with the utmost confidence in the upgraded Hummerchute model.

Availability and Commercial Manufacturing: A Global Partnership:
Through its strategic partnership with Fiate Aviation, Aerochute International has made the Hummerchute model fitted with the Fiate MZ202 engine commercially available. This collaboration ensures that aviation enthusiasts worldwide can revel in the benefits of this extraordinary combination, knowing that comprehensive support, spare parts, and maintenance services will always be within reach. The partnership aims to establish a robust distribution network, guaranteeing international availability of the upgraded Hummerchute model and opening the doors to endless adventures in the skies.

Soar Higher with Aerochute International and the Fiate MZ202: Aerochute International’s approval to fit the Fiate MZ202 engine to its Hummerchute model marks a pivotal moment for the powered parachute community. With the discontinuation of the Rotax 582cc engine, the availability of the Fiate MZ202 as a replacement underscores the company’s commitment to providing high-performance and reliable options for aviation enthusiasts. The successful completion of extensive testing and compliance measures assures pilots of the MZ202’s exceptional performance, safety, and durability. Now commercially available, the stage is set for thrilling adventures in powered parachuting, pushing the boundaries of excitement and offering the ultimate flying experience.

Aerochute International is the exclusive Australian and Indian distributor for the MZ202 engine. Beyond the Hummerchute, the MZ202 is ideally suited for a range of other aircraft, including ultralights, hovercrafts, gyrocopters, and light experimental aircraft, where weight is a crucial factor. Embrace the future of aviation and take your aerial escapades to new heights with Aerochute International and the Fiate MZ202 engine.


Technical Specs

Engine type: Twin cylinder in line two stroke.
Cooling system: Free air cooled by propeller, or force air cooled by integral fan (optional).
Rotation: Clockwise when facing gear box. i.e. from the front in tractor format
Displacement: 626 c.c.
Bore / Stroke: 76 mm / 69 mm
Alternator output: Normally aspirated, 180 Watts. Fuel injection, 260 Watts.
Ignition system: Carbureted / Fuel Inj Fully electronic dual capacitive discharge / inductive mappedsystem.
Fuel metering: Twin carburetors or computerised electronic fuel injection.
Lubrication: Fully synthetic oil, pre-mixed 50:1 in fuel. (unleaded mogas)
Output power: Normally aspirated 66 Hp@ 6200 RPM, Fuel injection 69 Hp@ 6400 RPM
Weight: 42 Kgs. Complete with all ancillaries, including battery and wiring.
Options: Normally aspirated (carburetors), or electronic fuel injection. Fan cooling.
Guarantee: One year or 200 hours running time.
Time before overhaul: 500 hours running time. (on condition)
Time between de-cokes: Due to high efficiency, this engine should not normally require de-coking.



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Sport Pilot Feature #100

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“As we follow the mob, it all starts to click in my head. This is what powered parachuting is all about. Most of my journey into aviation up until this point had involved cross-country flights. Being able to travel extensively in a relatively short amount of time was what drew my interest. Now, buzzing along at 60km/h, and only three hundred or so feet from the ground, I’m developing a fascination with something else; flying. It struck me that while sitting in an enclosed cockpit at 9,500ft, you’re flying through the environment. In an Aerochute, you’re flying in it

“ The Hummerchute follows a strictly utilitarian design approach. A sturdy metal frame, simplistic but comfortable seat and… well, that’s about it.”

View The PDF Here Aerochute Feature- Sport Pilot issue #100



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Joe Chitty Receives OAM

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Our own Jo Chitty Received an order of Australia Medal this month for services to parachuting. Jo has been a long serving designer of parachutes to our company and we are immensely proud to have Jo as part of the Aerochute family.


Jo Chitty was “pleasantly surprised” when he received an Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day.

The 70-year-old’s love affair with parachute packing began when he wasn’t old enough (he was 16 at that time) to jump out of the plane himself at the parachuting club in Prahran.

He became a qualified “packer” and then completed his first and only jump on August 2, 1964.

Jo Chitty has been recognised with an Order of Australia Medal for his service to parachuting.
     Mr Chitty after his first and only parachute jump on August 2, 1964.  Jo Chitty has been recognised with an Order of Australia Medal for his service to parachuting.

(Left) Mr Chitty after his first and only parachute jump on August 2, 1964,
“By then I was a qualified parachute packer and enjoyed that rather than jumping from a plane.

(Right) Today we are so proud to have him as an invaluable part of our team


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The Flying Show Expo

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Aerochute International is going to The Flying Show Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, October 22nd and 23rd .

Channel 31 newcomer “The Flying Show” is hosting a first of its kind indoor aviation expo this October, after significant community interest in both the show and its offerings of Australian grown aviation to audiences ranging from newcomers to veteran enthusiasts.

Carlos Balmaceda, the shows founder and host, says that he hopes to attract members of the public across all interests to get involved with aviation and learn more about Australian Aviation and flying in general.

“They love the fact that there are so many different types of flying contraptions that can fit into the everyday car. They also find the history behind the aircraft featured on the show to be of great interest. We hope to introduce the general public to early aviation and how affordable and safe it is.” He said.

Come and visit us!

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Avalon Airshow 2015

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Last week we had the Aerochute powered parachutes on display at the Avalon Airshow. During the trade days we had an Aerochute on the stand with Swinburne University, with thanks to Clint and Janine. We are working with the students to convert an Aerochute into an electric powered parachute with a new designed frame. There are some pictures attached of the design concept to be used. We had a lot of interest in the electric version and people offering us help on propulsion and battery systems.
Over the public days we had an outside stand opposite the food stands which supplied a constant flow of people passing by to talk to us about flying. A common theme we found was that everyone enjoyed watching the jets fly past but only dreamed of being a pilot in one. When they saw the Aerochute and pictures of other pilots using it on their trips around Australia they said “Even I could do this!”. So we had a great show and now have plenty of people booked in for flights to see if this can make their dream of flying come true. We fly every weekend the weather is good so give us a call and “let the Adventure Begin…!”

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Aerochute featured on ABC ‘Studio 3’ TV show

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Stephen took ABC’s  ‘Studio 3’ TV show host Olivia Phyland (Liv), for a flight in a penguin suit.

“Woweee! Thank you so much! What an experience! Flying penguin… that just happened. Yeww!” Liv 

The show will be shown around September 2013.

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Shot Show and Competition

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Aerochute Industries will be at the Shot Show this weekend 25th & 26th May 2013 at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale. Come a have a look!

Aerochute Industries is also going to have the first National Flight Competition at the Werribee airfield on the 1st or 2nd June 2013 (date to be confirmed). We will upload the results and photos on the website after the competition.

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Aerochute featured on ABC’s Great Southern Land

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Make sure you tune in to ABC1 at 7:30pm, Sunday 14 Oct to catch the Aerochutes in action non ABC1s “Great Southern Land.

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new aerochute electric

Aerochute Electric is Here

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Aerochute Industries has been working on electrifying it’s aircraft over the years and has now achieved a successful maiden flight in early 2018. The Aerochute-E model is a single seat aircraft with a payload of up to 90kg. It’s first flight achieved a flight time of 30 mins. As battery technology develops with higher energy density the aim is to fly for 1 hour. We are very pleased with this development as it is the first of it’s type to fly in Australia with an electric motor.

Cover for Aerochute International
Aerochute International

Aerochute International

The Aerochute Dual is a simple and safe way to fly.
Aerochute Int. will take you flying where you can really experience it. See the sunrise, feel the wind and take the controls for is amazing!

A Birthday gift to remember. Tom, has become an aviation fanatic using the virtual world through the use of simulators, gaming and maybe even a cardboard box with wings taped on it. Partner Lauren seeing his enthusiasm decided to gift him the ultimate birthday gift with real flight experience through Aerochute. From one Matrix to another we hope you enjoyed the sensory world of Aviation Tom! ... See MoreSee Less
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Bob is an aviation fanatic having taken many joy flights in a variety of light aircraft. After seeing the safety of a parachute deployed Aerochute he was finally able to convince his wife to finally come up into the skies with him and enjoy his passion for flight. Bob was so enthusiastic about the Aerochute experience he even offered to be involved in the future "even if its just laying out the parachute".... We love the enthusiasm Bob and you are welcome anytime. ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Mothers Day! With her kids all grown up, Mandy took to the skies for the ultimate sense of freedom and adventure. Enjoying the perfect blue skies and green landscape. Flying out amongst the kangaroos and wildlife. What a way to enjoy the day. ... See MoreSee Less
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How's that Autumn Sunrise. Fantastic way to enjoy the morning with Russel bringing Jo out for a birthday joy flight. The kangaroos were-a-hopping and clear blue skies provided scenic views to the horizon. "Thanks Aerochute for a great start to the day!" ... See MoreSee Less
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As a wonderful Birthday gift, Mikaela provided her friend Helen with the ultimate present by taking her on a joy flight in the open skies with an Aerochute. Having booked months in advance, the heavens smiled providing some great weather seeing all the wild life with clear skies. Helen plans to bring the kids and family for a day out. Cant wait to see you and the kids soon! ... See MoreSee Less
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