Hummerchute 582 – ‘Blue Bird’

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Hummerchute 582 – ‘Blue Bird’

Hummerchute 582 - 'Blue Bird'

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The Hummerchute 582 'Blue bird' is part of the latest release in the Aerochute Line. Its colour matching blue upholstery and headboard headboard  offer the unmistakable classic stylings of the original Aerochute but with all the features and benefits of the latest model.

The canopy comes in choice of custom colour variations to suit although a canopy of super red with the blame suited frame may leave many asking  if its  a bird... is it a plane... no its an Aerochute!

The HummerChute offers a new design twin prop guard which can accommodate a larger propeller.  Higher engine mounts still give good ground clearance so a 63 inch diameter prop can spin to produce massive thrust. The wider head plate and seating gives:

  1. The ability to give larger people the comfort to fly together.
  2. The wider head plate gives the ability to introduce new canopy designs to the HummerChute.
  3. Hands free flying!

It has been designed and tested to the BCAR Section S and approved by CASA for for sale in Australia and overseas and is built by a CASA approved manufacturer with 28 years experience in the powered parachute industry.



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Aerochute International

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