Fiate MZ202 Engine

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Fiate MZ202 Engine

Fiate MZ202 Engine

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The powerful, lightweight MZ 202 ultralight engine is the result of a union of space age materials, innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods. The engine has a Nikasil bore, giving longevity without adding unnecessary weight.

The MZ202 is a fan air cooled, reed valve controlled 2-cylinder-inline-2-stroke engine with two carburetors and Nikasil coated cylinders. It has one of the highest power to weight ratio available on the 63 HP engine market. The ignition system is fully electronic for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. The powerful 180 Watt alternator provides ample power for all requirements. The MZ202 weighs a mere 34 kg including electric starter, carburetors, fuel pump, cooling system, exhaust system. All models are supplied complete with electric starter, wiring harness and exhaust system. Ideally suited for Ultralights, hovercrafts, gyrocopters, light experimental aircrafts and all applications where weight is an issue.

For the ultimate in power and reliability, the MZ 202 can be supplied with electronic fuel injection that is controlled by a computerised engine management system. In this guise the alternator output is increased to 260 Watts.

Technical Specifications
Engine type: Twin cylinder in line two stroke.
Cooling system: Free air cooled by propeller, or force air cooled by integral fan (optional).
Rotation: Clockwise when facing gear box. i.e. from the front in tractor format
Displacement: 626 c.c.
Bore / Stroke: 76 mm / 69 mm
Alternator output: Normally aspirated, 180 Watts. Fuel injection, 260 Watts.
Ignition system: Carbureted / Fuel Inj Fully electronic dual capacitive discharge / inductive mappedsystem.
Fuel metering: Twin carburetors or computerised electronic fuel injection.
Lubrication: Fully synthetic oil, pre-mixed 50:1 in fuel. (unleaded mogas)
Output power: Normally aspirated 66 Hp@ 6200 RPM, Fuel injection 69 Hp@ 6400 RPM
Weight: 42 Kgs. Complete with all ancillaries, including battery and wiring.
Options: Normally aspirated (carburetors), or electronic fuel injection. Fan cooling.
Guarantee: One year or 200 hours running time.
Time before overhaul: 500 hours running time. (to be increased)
Time between de-cokes: Due to high efficiency, this engine should not normally require de-coking.


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