Cherish the experience!


"Thank you for the great flying adventure!!! It was a wonderful experience that I will cherish all my life. Big Respect!!!!"

Loved seeing the kangaroos

Melissa Fingleton, Werribee

I had my first flight today it was so much fun and I cant wait to come back and fly again, It was such a smooth flight and i loved seeing the kangaroos

Great Present Idea


"Excellent rush and a great present idea, well recommended for future events"

Recommend it to anyone


I had my first Aerochute flight today enjoyed it a lot, great experience, my instructor Stephen was great. Very professional and clear on all aspects of the flight. Recommend it to anyone


"Excellent experience, great to be able to fly, control the aircraft by myself, it was a whole lot of fun"

Fab Experience

Jenniffer, Werribee

What a fabulous experience. Totally exhilarating. Excellent instruction from the pilot and very friendly. Really enjoyed my first aerochute flight- so many sheep and kangaroos! so cool having a turn at flying. Thanks Steve- Thanks very much Aerochute

Great Experience

The Flight Group

"I’ve had a flight today.. “GREAT EXPERIENCE” Very professional instructor (Stephen) clear instructions during the flight and a lot of trust from the instructor. I’ve handed the flight myself including landing, touch and go. Great! Highly Recommended


Reporter, Live ABC3

“Woweee! Thank you so much! What an experience! Flying penguin… that just happened. Yeww!” Video Link



” I had a great experience!! And Stephen is a very good professional instructor. And enjoyed a lot … Will come back” from Nizari & Abhi 

” Amazing experience the view and Aerochute were really impressive, will be telling to all my friends” David 

“Great experience. Well worth the trip. Will tell friends about this experience. Would recommend to all”. Danny 

“Awesome fun! great friendly staff. Opportunity to have a fly of it myself. Was great. Highly recommend” 

“Extremely enjoyable and relaxing just cruising around and taking in all the views. Would definitely recommend to anybody”

“Fantastic! A lot of fun! Loved landing and taking off. Easy to operate. Steve was great. Thanks”

“What a great morning. Thanks John loved the hedge hopping, will be back for sure.” 

“Absolutely Fantastic freeing, Thank You”

“Thanks Steve for a fantastic time! loved how I was given the opportunity to take off. I felt on top of the world” – Iman

“Great stuff. Brilliant, feeling and looks really simple- where do I sign” – Ian Gardiner

“Awesome! wish I could do this every morning” – James

“Was fantastic, Steve was great, overall wonderful experience” – Jacinta

“Awesome experience! Beautiful way yo start the day. Steve was a great instructor & the view was amazing”

“Great flying and amazing fun! Thanks Steve”

“Best ride I have ever been on !!” – Ashleigh

“Awesome- What an amazing way to start the day. Thank you we loved our aeroflight”

“Great! A must do!!! Thanks Steve” – Chris

“Great fun and surprisingly gentle, can see the attraction. Thanks Steve”

“Awesome experience definitely worth getting up early for” – Ryan

“Thank you for the great flying adventure!!! It was a wonderful experience that I will cherish all my life. Big Respect!!!!”

“Amazing experience, pilot was great will do it again. Thank you so much.”