Services bulletins

This service bulletin aims to provide details and instructions for upgrading the HummerChute to comply with the CASA certification. Aerochute Industries will supply the parts required for the upgrade free of charge. If the owner requires Aerochute Industries to complete the upgrade, a service fee will apply.



Dear HummerChute owners,

The Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) has finalised the approval documents and issued a type-certificate to signify the airworthiness of the HummerChute.

CASA has issued service bulletins for all the HummerChutes with frame No. between 376-463. These aircraft are required to perform the upgrades in order to comply with the type certificate.

The service bulletins, which can be downloaded :

Once completed, please fill in and sign the compliance form, on the last page of the service bulletin, and send it back to Aerochute Industries.

If you have any questions please contact us on 03 93542612.


Stephen Conte

Aerochute Industries CEO