Flight training

Aerochute Training School 


To fly the Aerochute a Recreation Aviation Australia (RAAus) pilots licence is required. The licence is a group “D” and is covered in Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 95-32.

The course in learning to fly the Aerochute is available from Aerochute International.

New pilots need to gain a minimum of 15-20 hours flight training from a licensed instructor. In 3 – 5 hours a novice can be flying solo with the balance of the training conducted under supervision of the instructor. This training includes :

→ 15-20 hours flying time

→ Powered parachute flight theory

→ Initial flight dual training conducted with instructor to solo

→ Solo training and Supervision

→ Pre-solo exam

→ Pilot licence exam

→ Pilot practical flight test

The course is conducted at Werribee, Victoria. The course consists of all flying and theory up to RAAus licence standards.

Flying can only take place when the weather conditions are suitable, so it may be necessary to complete the flying training in stages. As a general rule, most flying will take place during the early morning and evenings but in any case, when conditions are suitable. Clothing required: It is essential that you are prepared for the weather conditions. Warm clothes, long pants or ski pants, jacket, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen. The medical standard required is equivalent to obtain a motor vehicle licence.



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