Introductory Flight Packages

Standard flight- $180

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An Aerochute training lesson will give you your first lesson in how to fly the Aerochute powered parachute. The Aerochute is one of the easiest and safest ways to fly and likely start you off to becoming a pilot who can can enjoy the skies and share it with your family and friends. 

Your Aerochute experience begins with a pre-flight briefing. Your instructor will explain the aircraft controls, and outline the fundamentals of piloting an Aerochute. Then it’s out to the runway for pre-flight checks. After the checks have been completed its time to strap in for takeoff.

Once in the air you can take in the beautiful views of the surrounding areas. You then have the option to take the controls and fly for yourself. Your trial introductory flight is your very first entry into your Pilot Log Book, if you choose to continue to have lessons it could be the start of a lifelong love affair with the sky.


You get to take controls of the Aerochute

See the wildlife (Kangaroos)

Stunning city and bay views

15 mins flight


Qualified instructor

Safety briefing

Flying suits, gloves, helmets and an intercom

Instructional flight

Price- $180 per person

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Deluxe Training flight – $320

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You will walk away from this experience with the feeling of achievement, excitement and a smile on your face. This lesson could start you on an exciting journey to your Aerochute Pilot Certificate, only 15-20 hrs is required all under the supervision of a qualified instructor. If you or a family member has ever wanted to fly, try this experience and… “Let the Adventure Begin… !”


You get to take controls of the Aerochute which includes a lesson on how to land and take-off (touch and go on the runway)

See the wildlife (Kangaroos) close up and personal

Stunning city and bay views

25 mins flight.


Qualified instructor

Detailed pre-flight briefing

Aerochute training flight includes controlling the aircraft in the air and a demonstration of  touch and go

Student then practices 2-3 touch and go under instruction

Use of flying suit, gloves and helmet

Price- $320 Per person

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Important information to know before flight



Minimum age of 8 years old

Maximum weight is 125kg

Your day



Please allow 2 hours for this experience

Available 6.30am – 9.30am

Available on weekends only


Flying may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions which would make flying dangerous. We will contact you the day prior to your booking to confirm your flight.


Flying suits, gloves, helmets and an intercom are provided. You should be prepared for the weather conditions of an open cockpit and suggest participants wear long pants, a jacket, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and sturdy footwear.


You will be required to sign an indemnity form on the day and a temporary RA Australian Membership. Your name and address is required for Flight Docket records. This flight record will be the first entry to go towards a full pilot’s licence if you wish to pursue a pilot training program.

After your flight !

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“The flight was a surprise gift for my girlfriend and she thought it was the greatest! The process is simple to organise and the supervisor (Steve) was kind, patient and informative. Ive already booked my own flight and highly recommend it to anyone!!!”


Thank you for all of your help with organising what turned out to be an amazing 40th Birthday present for the boys.  Although initially a little nervous.  They landed with wide eyed excitement, their eyes glistening with adrenaline.  the ride back to Melbourne was noisy with tales of the pilots skill flying close to the ground and following winding roads and of his own experiences at the helm – steering and doing touch downs.

Please pass on our thanks to our wonderful pilots.

Kind regards, 

~Joanne Wright


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