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Parachute Trim Check

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We recently found that some of the customers’ parachutes has exceed the recommended inspection period and found to be out of trim.  The Aerochute Ram-Air Parachute Manual has specified that:

The canopy assembly should be inspected in detail at approximately 40 hours flying time and then every 50 hours or 12 months whichever comes first, or if the canopy has been over loaded due to turbulence, snagging on launch or flight performance indicates that it is not flying to its optimum capabilities. A trim check should be carried out at 100hrs.

Aerochute International provides service for trim check, parachute inspection and repair. Simply box it up and send it to us. Alternatively, Aerochute owners can do the trim check by themselves or look for a local parachute rigger. 

The Flying Show Expo

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Aerochute International is going to The Flying Show Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, October 22nd and 23rd .

Channel 31 newcomer “The Flying Show” is hosting a first of its kind indoor aviation expo this October, after significant community interest in both the show and its offerings of Australian grown aviation to audiences ranging from newcomers to veteran enthusiasts.

Carlos Balmaceda, the shows founder and host, says that he hopes to attract members of the public across all interests to get involved with aviation and learn more about Australian Aviation and flying in general.

“They love the fact that there are so many different types of flying contraptions that can fit into the everyday car. They also find the history behind the aircraft featured on the show to be of great interest. We hope to introduce the general public to early aviation and how affordable and safe it is.” He said.

Come and visit us!

Aerchute HummerChute model has received UK CAA type certification

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Aerochute HummerChute model has received UK CAA type certification. It is the only legal two-seater powered parachute in UK!

Here is the news from Advance online magazine.

CASA approved disc brake and cruise control kit

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Cruise Control


It is always good to have some improvements for your Aerochute.  One of the options people have asked for is cruise control so we have designed a cruise control unit that is safe, affordable and easy to install.

The Cruise Control was originally designed and approved for the HummerChute. It is now approved for the Aerochute Dual. We have redesigned the original foot throttle stop which can now have a dual purpose to also hold the cruise control throttle cable.  The structure is also improved to prevent it from bending due to heavy load.


The cruise control lever is placed on the right hand side in front of the front seat bar for easy access. It is very easy to operate. The pilot simply controls the foot throttle bar as usual and then locks the throttle bar in position using the lever. You can easily unlock the throttle either by the lever or your foot to flick the throttle bar back to the original position.


Cruise control lever

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Disc brake


The disc brake was also originally designed and approved for the HummerChute. With the new approval, it is now available for Aerochute Dual owners too!

The disc brake kit consists of two sets of brake discs and callpers, wheel mounts and brake handles. The disc brake is fitted to the rear wheels and the brake handles is mounted on the right hand side of the seat. The disc brake has been used and loved by many HummerChute owners. It not only reduces the landing distance effectively but can also be used as a steering brake with the brake handles.


Brake disc

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The disc brake and cruise control kit are available now and sold separately. They come as a kit with installation guide so that you can install it by yourself.  We also provide installation service when requested.

Disc brake set $770 or $1100 fitted incl GST

Cruise control kit $215 or $275 fitted incl GST

Contact us to order the parts and for more information!

Avalon Airshow 2015

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Last week we had the Aerochute powered parachutes on display at the Avalon Airshow. During the trade days we had an Aerochute on the stand with Swinburne University, with thanks to Clint and Janine. We are working with the students to convert an Aerochute into an electric powered parachute with a new designed frame. There are some pictures attached of the design concept to be used. We had a lot of interest in the electric version and people offering us help on propulsion and battery systems.
Over the public days we had an outside stand opposite the food stands which supplied a constant flow of people passing by to talk to us about flying. A common theme we found was that everyone enjoyed watching the jets fly past but only dreamed of being a pilot in one. When they saw the Aerochute and pictures of other pilots using it on their trips around Australia they said “Even I could do this!”. So we had a great show and now have plenty of people booked in for flights to see if this can make their dream of flying come true. We fly every weekend the weather is good so give us a call and “let the Adventure Begin…!”

Stephen Conte CEO
Aerochute International PTY LTD

Avalon Airshow 1

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Operations in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes.

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To all pilots, please read the revised CAAP 166-1 (3) providing guidance for pilots operating in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes.

Aerochute on ABC Studio 3 TV show

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Stephen took Liv (Olivia Phyland), the host of ABC studio 3 TV show, for a flight in a penguin suit.


Aerochute on ABC Studio 3 TV Show 1

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“Woweee! Thank you so much! What an experience! Flying penguin… that just happened. Yeww!” Liv (ABC3)


The show will be shown around September 2013.

Aerochute Re-registration Procedure with RAAus

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Aerochute Re-registration Procedure with RAAus


Aerochute owners are required to provide the following information to RAAus for their re-registration every year.

1. A photo of the fuel tank with registration number.

2. A photo of the two stickers near the foot throttle showing airspeed limitations, weights, cockpit loads, frame No. and engine No, etc.

3. Total number of take-off and landings.

If you have any questions about your re-registration, please don’t hesitate to contact Aerochute office.

Tel: +61 3 9354 2612
Fax: +61 3 9354 2795

Shot Show and Competition

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Aerochute Industries will be at the Shot Show this weekend 25th & 26th May 2013 at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale. Come a have a look!

Please visit the following website for details.

Aerochute Industries is also going to have the first National Flight Competition at the Werribee airfield on the 1st or 2nd June 2013 (date to be confirmed). We will upload the results and photos on the website after the competition.

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