Parachute Trim Check

Parachute Trim Check

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We recently found that some of the customers’ parachutes has exceed the recommended inspection period and found to be out of trim.  The Aerochute Ram-Air Parachute Manual has specified that:

The canopy assembly should be inspected in detail at approximately 40 hours flying time and then every 50 hours or 12 months whichever comes first, or if the canopy has been over loaded due to turbulence, snagging on launch or flight performance indicates that it is not flying to its optimum capabilities. A trim check should be carried out at 100hrs.

Aerochute International provides service for trim check, parachute inspection and repair. Simply box it up and send it to us. Alternatively, Aerochute owners can do the trim check by themselves or look for a local parachute rigger. 

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