Freedom of Flight (Sam Rutten)

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Freedom of Flight (Sam Rutten)

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Ever since I was young I fell in love with the idea of flying. I am now an electrician working a roster which gives me the flexibility of having seven days off at a time. During my weeks off from work I had the opportunity to train and fly and in 2015 I gained my 3 Axis Recreational Pilots Certificate.

I’ve been hiring fixed wing aircraft for a few years and have done a lot of research into buying my own but with the running cost and hangarage it was never an affordable option for me, until I considered the aerochute. With an aerochute I could drive it around the country, save money on running cost, store it at my own home and nothing beats the set up time.

I had never had anything to do with aerochutes in the past and only knew of what I read in Sport Pilot magazine so I decided to check out a nearby training school. I organised a trial flight, and from the get go I was hooked. I loved it instantly.

I bought an aerochute through the factory and did my conversion training in Werribee. The RPL training was straightforward and uncomplicated having already trained for a Class A Licence. After just 3 hours I was ready for my solo. Stephen from aerochute had me more excited than I should have been at that time of the morning in the cold Victorian winter. It definitely had me wearing a few more layers than I am used to in sunny Queensland. With nobody beside me in the seat, the chute took off like a rocket.

I’m honestly so happy with my decision to buy the aerochute. After many years of hiring I have finally realised the dream of owning and flying my own aircraft. The freedom and flexibility it comes with is paramount and extraordinary. Now I’ve got the chute and the trailer I am looking forward to taking it on a road trip through to the Northern Territory to enjoy the scenery from the air and the ground. Camping, hiking, exploring, flying. The dream.