Hummer Chute Approved

Hummer Chute Approved

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The HummerChute is Aerochute Industries’ latest design in powered parachutes, using a Rotax 582 motor. It has been in design and testing for the last 18 months and has now been approved for sale.  Aerochute Industries has built and tested the HummerChute to the same rigorous testing standards it uses when introducing any new product to the public.  The criteria for the HummerChute was to produce a powered parachute with increased lifting performance, whilst keeping all the safety and stability characteristics of the original Aerochute design.  This, incidentally has stood the test of time, with 21 years of safe, stable, easy to use enjoyable flying.

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Weather conditions for flying

Saturday 04 December 2021

  • Not suitable

Sunday, O5 Dec ’21

  • Weather is suitable. Flying 6am at Werribee

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