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Now Showing on ABC1

ABC1 is now showing a new documentary on Australian life called "Great Southern Land".

Aerochute Australia will be having a segment in one of the episodes so keep an eye out!

"Great Southern Land" is playing ABC1 7:30pm, Sunday nights.

To find out more visit the ABC1 site

Travelling with an Aerochute

John Dunn gave a talk at the recent 4x4 show in Melbourne about his adventures of traveling around Australia with his Aerochute for the last 17 years. Click on the link to see the video.

Aerochute at 4x4 show Melbourne

Aerochute International successfully attended the 4x4 camping and fishing show over the weekend of 25th August 2012.  There were thousands of people at the show and hundreds visited the Aerochute stand.  The main interest was in using the Aerochute for travelling around Australia and also for hunting/spotting from the air.  John Dunn gave a talk each day about how he and wife Lyn never travel without taking their Aerochute with them. There was an excellent response to John's talk as everyone could see the advantage of seeing Australia from the air.  His video talk will be up here soon.  If this is what you are interested in call us and we will help your flying adventures come true.







Tim picks up his New hummerchute

Tim has been flying for a few months and flew his new Hummerchute in July for the first time.


Learning to fly an Aerochute has been one of the most exhilarating things I have experienced.

The trainers make you feel very comfortable and confident in yourself.  If you had of asked me

three months ago that I would be flying solo I would have never believed you!!!

Tim Hunt.


Student Testimonials

Some comments from people who have gone solo and purchased an Aerochute.

I couldn't delay my husband any longer to follow his dreams.  Only another year before he retires and he simply can't wait the time out just flying his model aeroplane!  This was serious stuff so had to accompany him down to Werribee to check it out.  Went up for a flight with Steve and was amazed, this was what it was like when you dream as a child to be a bird and fly.  I really thought that I just maybe interested to accompany Graham on his flights.  Obviously next step was to book lessons for me as well so I could be an effective co-pilot knowing how positively useful I am when I am in the passenger seat of our car.

Had a jam packed week.  Steve has unbelievable patience, firm guidance, and to my amazement I was able to feel completely comfortable putting my total trust in him. (No mean feat as have always hated flying in small aircraft!)

My whole attitude has changed.  How mad is it that at 56 years of age and with no previous desire, I am now flying solo in our new Hummerchute, watching the weather, and rearranging my life  so that we can both live a dream......

Robyn Tarbit

I currently have 10 hrs of flying time as a student pilot with Stephen Conte.  I thoughly recommend Steve and his Aerochutes and the training to anybody who is interested in taking up this fun sport.

~Fred Cenko.

A note on my first solo flight.

When setting up I was thinking gee this is fantastic.

When I took off and had left 'Mother Earth' behind I thought gee what am I doing up here!

Then on looking down the feeling of freedom was nothing like I had ever had before.

The Aerochute is the most exciting form of doing something 'free' you'll ever get.

If you could grow would be a bird!

My best experience ever!!!


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