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If you have ever wanted to experience the thrill of flying?
The Aerochute is one of the safest forms of flying to take to the skies. The parachute is your wing and it's open before you get off the ground.

If you're ready for the sensation of your life BOOK TODAY!



  • Standard Flight - $180.00 per person
  • Flights last about 15mins
  • You can even get to have a go of the controls if you want
  • Deluxe Flight - $320.00 per person
  • Briefing and set up instruction, 25 min flight, lesson on how to land and take off!
  • Gift Vouchers available

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Weight and Balance Form

This year ALL aircraft are being treated as a NEW REGISTRATION not renewal, so your file is being checked to ensure it is complete. If you have not supplied the follow information before presume your file is incomplete and follow the steps below.

When you get the renewal it is to be returned with the RAAus information required

  1. Photos of the cockpit placards
  2. Photo of the rego on the back
  3. A signed weight and balance form
    a)    Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full name, frame number and Aerochute model (Aerochute dual standard top plate, Aerochute dual wide top plate or Hummerchute) to request a manufacturer signed weight and balance form. Please advise if any factory fitted accessories are fitted, eg starter motor, flight controls sticks etc.
    b)    Fill out and sign the form. You must state how it was weighed and what the final empty weight is. eg: Weighed using bathroom scales under each wheel. Left rear wheel 42.5kg, Right rear wheel 44.5kg, Front wheel 22.0kg, TOTAL WEIGHT 109kg
  4. Email it to RAAus This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the photos.
  5. If you do not receive your renewal in a few weeks call the RAAus office to follow up.


Flight Training




The course in learning to fly the Aerochute is available from Aerochute Industries.

To fly the Aerochute a Recreaction Aviation Australia (RAA) pilots license is required. The license is a group "D" and is covered in Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 95-32.

New pilots need to gain a minimum of 20 hours flight training from a licensed instructor. In 3 - 5 hours a novice can be flying solo with the balance of the training conducted under supervision of the instructor. This training includes:


  • 20 hours flying time

  • Powered Parachute flight theory

  • Initial dual flight training conducted with instructor to solo

  • Solo Training and Supervision

  • Cross country flight

  • High Altitude flight

  • Pre-solo exam

  • Pilots license exam

  • Pilot practical flight test


The course is conducted at Werribee, Victoria. If this location is inconvenient contact 03 93542612to discuss alternatives. The course consists of all flying and theory up to RAA licence standards.

Flying can only take place when the weather conditions are suitable, so it may be necessary to complete the flying training in stages. As a general rule, most flying will take place during the early morning and evenings but in any case, when conditions are suitable. Clothing required: It is essential that you are prepared for the weather conditions. Warm clothes: long pants or ski pants, jacket, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen. The medical standard required is that equivalent to obtain a motor vehicle licence.

Please call to arrange a booking for yourself and friends for a Trial Instruction Flight.


Aerochutes Industries Qualified Instructors:

Stephen Conte - PE. CFI. Pilot examiner/Chief Flying Instructor.

Stephen is the founder of Aerochute Industries and flew his first powered parachute in 1989 as a single seat.  Since then his passion for the sport has seen him get approval for the dual Aerochute and Aerochute's training syllabus.  He has trained many hundreds of students in Australia and overseas and has over 2500 instructional hours flying the Aerochute.  He is currently training others to instructor level to make the sport more accessible.

Stephen actively instructs students every week and is available to answer any questions people have about this fantastic sport.

Andy Dimakopoulos - CFI. Chief Flying Instructor.

Andy was trained to CFI level by Stephen and has shown his enthusiasm for the sport from his first flight.  He has joined the Aerochute team and has trained many students all over Australia from novice through to pilot and their related endorsements. Andy has many hours of all weather flight experience and holds a level 2 maintenance certificate allowing him to service your Aerochute.

John Dunn - Senior Instructor.

John is a senior instructor with Aerochute Industries and has also come through the ranks with Stephen.  John purchased an Aerochute in the early years and has been flying in some of the most remote areas of Australia with wife, Lyn.  Together they have a wealth of knowledge for the avid Aerochute enthusiast who wants to travel Australia and see this land from an armchair ride the Aerochute can give you.  John can teach you to fly and then give you advise on the best locations to use your new flying machine.

John Conte - Instructor.

John is Stephen's brother and has been with the company from it's inception.  He is involved with all aspects of the manufacture of the Aerochute Dual and is an expert in this area. He has been flying for many years and recently obtained his instructor rating to help with the many number of students taking up this adventurous sport.  John has travelled to many places in Australia with the Aerochute and commonly used it on farms for spotting and tracking feral animals.

All Aerochute's instructors are very passionate about their flying giving priority to safety and needs of the students by teaching them the most advanced theory and practical flying technic so the new pilots will enjoy the passion of flying for many years to come. Do not hesitate to contact Andy or John and ask them how you can fulfill your dream of flying.

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