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Aerochute Industries has been working on electrifying it's aircraft over the years and has now achieved a successful maiden flight in early 2018. The Aerochute-E model is a single seat aircraft with a payload of up to 90kg.  It's first flight achieved a flight time of 30 mins.  As battery technology develops with higher energy density the aim is to fly for 1 hour.  We are very pleased with this development as it is the first of it's type to fly in Australia with an electric motor.
  • Empty weight              110kg
  • Max cockpit weight      90 kg
  • Max. take-off weight    200 kg
  • Airspeed                     25 knots
  • Max. flight time           30 minutes
  • Power                        20 kW
  • Battery Capacity          4.6 kWh
Please contact us for more information or to place a deposit on a production model for delivery later this year.
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