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Aerochute At Avalon Airshow 2017 (2)

Aerochute International had a successful Avalon Airshow with thousands of people being exposed to our safe and exciting way of flying.  During the trade days we had our Hummerchute model and the prototype UAV model on display.  There was a lot of interest in both especially as the UAV model can have a payload up to 250kg which makes it very interesting for agriculture and mining operations.
We met with the Indian delegation through Austrade and had the opportunity to take them for a flight one morning, viewing the kangaroos from the air.  They were all very impressed and excited about the opportunities they could see back in India for the Aerochute.
The public days were non stop talking to people about using the Aerochute for travel, recreation and just always wanting to fly safely.  We have many people to follow up for a flight, training and purchase who want to get into the sport.  We are always busy with the Aerochutes and now we just got busier...'Let the Adventure Begin...!'

Stephen Conte CEO

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